This session examines using the Power BI Admin APIs to automate Power BI administrative tasks and to enforce governance in a Power BI environment. Ted will be joined by Power BI Senior Program Manager, Rick Xu, as they discuss common usage scenarios for the Power BI Admin APIs such as generating a tenant-wide inventory report of workspaces and the Power BI artifacts they contain. This session will demonstrate using the Admin APIs to answer essential governance questions about which users have access to specific reports or dashboards. Campers will also learn to detect when a report has become overshared or made accessible over the public Internet using the Publish to Web feature.
The session also discusses when to use the GetGroupsAsAdmin API versus when to use the Scan Workspace API. Campers will learn about the asynchronous programming required to use the Scan Workspace API. Along the way campers will also learn how to call Admin API operations which return continuation tokens such as GetUserArtifactAccessAsAdmin and the GetActivityEvents API which can be used to extract usage data from the Power BI activity log.

What Campers Will Learn:

  • Call the Power BI Admin API as a user and also as a service principal

Session Prerequisites

It is recommended that campers have experience calling the Power BI REST APIs using C# or PowerShell.