This session will introduce campers to the App-Owns-Data Starter Kit which is a sample solution for developers built using .NET 5 to provide guidance for organizations and ISVs who are using App-Owns-Data embedding with Power BI in a multi-tenant environment.
Camper will learn how to write C# code to onboard new customer tenants by using the Power BI REST API to create Power BI workspaces, assign workspaces to capacities, import PBIX files, patch datasource credentials and start dataset refresh operations.
The session will also explain how to implement a custom authorization scheme where different users can be assigned to customer tenants with only viewing permissions or with edit and create permissions. Along the way, campers will also learn how to implement a custom telemetry layer to log and monitor user actions such as viewing, editing creating and copying reports and to capture and monitor the performance of loading and rendering reports.

What Campers Will Learn:

  • Onboarding new customer tenants

Session Prerequisites

Campers should have prior experience with web development in ASP.NET and programming with C# and Typescript.